Lockheed Executives Visit Long Island NY

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GKN welcomes Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Lightning II

GKN Aerospace is a global supplier for the F-35 program, producing many component parts for the F-35 Lightning II.
That includes the aircraft’s canopy, electric wiring interconnection system for all variants, the wiring system and electro thermal de-icing system for the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine, composite and metal components and structures for the airframe and engine, and an arresting hook system for the F-35C variant.
At the Amityville plant, GKN Aerospace machines and assembles complex titanium and aluminum structures for the F-35 airframe, officials said.
Rubino, who flew F-18s before working for Lockheed Martin, said the F-35 has demonstrated fighting and maneuverability superiority over anything that has flown. “We want to have the first look, the first shot and the first kill, and this jet gives us all of that,” he said.


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