Ramp Up your Internet Marketing Plan

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marketing planToday’s customer uses the Internet almost 3 hours per day to find businesses to patronize. Don’t you want to be that company?

If so, then it’s time to get your game on and learn these online marketing strategies that work to bring in leads and new business from your website.

Get Social

You’ve heard the buzz about social media but not sure where to start? I tell clients to start anywhere, but the most important part is starting. Set up your Facebook page and post weekly. Don’t make them all sales oriented to use the rule of four.  This social media marketing guideline does a sales pitch on one out of every four posts; the other three posts should be value information for your readers.

Be Found In The Neighborhood

Think of the Internet as a small town. If you had a store in this city is undoubted would put a sign-up and want people to find your company. This analogy is like the local search results that Google gives to people looking for services close to them.  Local SEO includes Google map listings, yellow page type directories plus review sites such as Yelp.

Make Your Website Friendly for Mobile Views

Now that almost 40% of all Internet usage is on mobile devices, cell phones, and tablets, you need to be sure that your website is viewable on these devices. i.e. be mobile friendly.

Stay Informed Of Trends

These days technology is changing rapidly. You need to stay ahead of the curve to avoid being left behind.  Be open to new methods and also researching new trends.

Talk About It On A Podcast

Have you always wanted to be on the radio? Now’s your chance start your radio show on podcast and distribute the episodes on iTunes free of charge.  It is an excellent way to gain authority and followers in your industry.



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