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Promotion IdeasThere are several ways to promote your business both online and offline, but some ways are more effective than others. Below are a few effective ways to create awareness from a Long Island SEO company.

References from satisfied customers

A lot of people often underrate the efficacy of this method. But it is the cheapest and most effective means of advertisement. Reference and a positive recommendation from satisfied customers can go a long way to promote your products and services. Nothing discourages prospective customers more than a negative reference and nothing attracts them more than a positive one.

There is this belief that every advert has an element of exaggerations in it. Your customer is neutral and unbiased. This person has nothing to gain by promoting your products. Whatever he or she says will be the truth. If your friend tells you fantastic features about a particular phone and the salesperson of that same phone tells you the same features, who would you believe more?

Of course, the salesperson is being paid, so he wants you to buy, he may not be telling the whole truth. But your friend has nothing to gain. He is saying things the way they are. This is why positive recommendations from customers are very effective.

Develop a blog

Develop a blog about a topic relevant to your products and services. Keep updating the blog regularly for a few months to gain readership and credibility. Then link the item to your products and services. For instance, if you want to sell weight loss supplements, you will need to be writing informative articles about weight loss for a while, then chip in an article that shows how your supplements may be helpful.

When you are adopting this method, it is better to present yourself as a third party that has no link with the company that is manufacturing/selling the supplements. This gives you, even more, credibility.

Join relevant online forums/community

Look for online forums and community relevant to what you intend to promote. Make regular informative and educative contributions there for a while before you chip in the benefits and relevance of your products. As mentioned earlier, it is better to put yourself in the position of a third party to gain more credibility.

Offer free consultation

Provide free consultation to attract prospective customers. In the course of the meeting, you will find a way to subtly market your products and services to them. One out of every ten will patronize you. For instance, an ophthalmologist that has several drugs to sell will first attract his prospects with a free eye test.

Make use of Fiverr

You can promote your business by creating a fan page or a blog post about your products and services, then go to to pay someone who can share your blog post to over 10 thousand Facebook followers or more. It won’t cost you more than $5. You can do it on a monthly or a weekly basis. You can even hire three different people for the job. That means you will pay $5 each to three different people, and each of them will share your post with over 10 thousand people. That translates to over 30 thousand people for just $15.

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