April 21, 2024

Guide to Finding Sewing Jobs

Ready to wear clothes, curtains, bed sheets, towels. These are just some of the things that we can’t live without, yet would apparently be non-existent had it not been for sewing jobs. Sewing jobs belong to the category of jobs that are especially for seamstresses, tailors, and sewing machine operators. Of course, there would also be managerial or career positions, depending on the company where the applicant will be applying to.

The Seamstress and the Tailor: Common Sewing Jobs

Just what exactly is the job of a seamstress? A seamstress is basically somebody whose source of livelihood is sewing. She mends clothes, does some embroidery if required, and employs a pattern of sewing that could be all her own or as per her employer’s specifications. And because she basically works with clothes, she has got to know what works with which fabric as well. For example, which stitches would suit delicate silk and lace fabrics, as well as which would be best for rayon, linen, and denim fabrics.

On the other hand, the tailor is just like the seamstress, but more advanced in skill and expertise. When one is a tailor, he must be able to sew both by hand or by machine. His job is to make sure the clothes or articles he makes are tailor made for his customers. He may have his own shop or be employed by a clothing manufacturing company or even a fashion designer.

Take Home Sewing Jobs, Anyone?

With the onslaught of working mothers, easier payment options and solutions, and the demand for cheaper labor, more and more clothing companies are looking into outsourcing sewing jobs to meet customer as well as quality demands. Outsourced work targets, as it is said earlier, mothers who would like to earn some cash on the side while still having time for the kids and the chores at home.

So, how does this work? Basically, the company just sends the contractor a catalog containing the work that has to be done, including product specifications such as the kind of stitches and the sizes, as well as the deadline upon which the product has to be turned over to the company for evaluation, sale, and then payment. For those who would like to try this kind of venture, it is most advisable that they invest on a sewing machine so they could meet product demands on time. This is more so because many companies that outsource jobs could be strict with deadlines as well as with quality.

Or, if the mother already has a sewing machine at home, why not just offer sewing services on the neighborhood? She can offer to sew school and work uniforms, cheering and athletic uniforms, even party costumes, each for a fee. And then, once she masters her sewing skills, she can design and sew her own ready to wear collection and offer them for sale. In this case, she would of course need to invest in some space for all her sewing work aside from a sewing machine.