June 25, 2024

If You Are Going to Have a Garmin GPSMAP 5015 – Read the Review Before Buying

Garmin Ltd is one of the foremost companies involved in aviation and marine technologies. GPS 100 was the company’s first product aimed at the marine market and was an instant hit. Since then the company has been producing various marine technological devices and has been constantly upgrading them to exceed the expectations of its customers.

The GPSMAP 5000 series has been launched by Garmin Australasia, which is a series of multifunction displays with virtual touch screen buttons. The GPSMAP 5015 is a model of this chart plotter series. It consists of a super large, water proof touch screen display. It is a super bright 30.7 cm diagonal XGA color touch screen display.

Depending on the function to be performed, the virtual buttons of the touch screen keep changing. This makes the navigation menu pretty simple and easy to use. Boaters and mariners can easily access the information they want and work on it. Apart from its great workability, the Garmin GPSMAP 5015 has a stylish appearance. It is sleek with a flat screen that adds elegance to its outlook.

According to Garmin Australasia’s marine sales manager, the GPSMAP 5015 is a perfect combination of style and content. The Garmin GPSMAP 5015 is by far the leading network planner display in Garmin marine line. With its wide screen, it provides a bigger display of pictures.

Moreover, as the chart plotter is fully touch screen, there are no buttons at all which reduces space occupied by the device. The 15 inch screen occupies almost the same space as the 12 inch push button displays of other chart plotters.

The Garmin GPSMAP5015 is provided with a satellite enhanced base map, which makes marine explorations even simpler. The device can even be combined with sonar, radar and video by involving to the Garmin Network. The graphics and the videos on this chart plotter are of high resolution thus enhancing its quality.

Apart from these, Garmin has also introduced the Blue Chart g2 Vision technology which has been made available on a pre programmed SD card.

The g2 vision technology enables the mariner to enjoy a “mariner’s eye view”. This is feature is nothing but a magnificent 3D map viewpoint of everything above the water level. Similarly, the “fish eye view” is another feature which offers a 3D map of the underwater topography.

The Garmin GPSMAP 5015 is blessed with another superb feature. With the use of the Blue Chart g2 Vision data card, the boatman can enjoy the facility of auto guidance technology. This technology makes it possible for the chart plotter to suggest the best navigational route.

However, these facilities ill be provided by Garmin GPSMAP 5015 only when the g2 vision data card has been installed on it. This new chart plotter by Garmin is in one word extraordinary from all perspectives!