June 16, 2024

MapleStory Magician Guide – Easy Tips to Get the 2nd Job Advancement

If you’ve been training up well in MapleStory, you’ve probably reached the time when you will be able to advance to the 2nd job advancement.

It is a good idea to note that at level 30, a magician is much more powerful than the other classes. This puts you at an advantage and you may be able to level up faster at this point.

So once you reach level 30, you will want to return to Ellinia and speak to Grendel the Really Old. After talking to him, he will send you to the 2nd job advancement instructor in The Forest North of Ellinia. Talk to him and he will take you into a tree, where you will find extra powerful horned mushrooms and curse eyes. They drop dark marbles, so pick those up until you get 30 of them. When you finish with that, talk to the instructor and he will send you back to Grendel the Really Old after giving you a Proof of a Hero. Grendel will see your new item and then he will ask you which path you want to take.

Most people don’t choose fire/poison, but it isn’t bad in any way. Ice mages can freeze and kill their enemies quickly, and lightning comes with that class as well. In fact, lightning attacks allow you to kill up to 6 enemies at once, which is very powerful and useful to say the least. The last 2nd job advancement choice you could make is to become a Cleric, which eventually becomes very, very rich. You will also have the responsibility of healing your party in party quests.

By the time you become level 38, you will be more powerful than any other class in the game at the same level.