April 14, 2024

Marrakech, Morroco

Marrakech, or the “red city”, is a sprawling, beautiful burg that combines the old world aesthetic of the Middle East with the modern styling of today’s cities and towns. As the shining beacon in the North African country of Morocco, thousands visit Marrakech each week to lay eyes on the incredible market squares that have been the trademark of Marrakech from time immemorial. Within Morocco, only Casablanca and Rabat boast a population larger than Marrakech’s million-strong ranks but the city is second to none in the economic sector, with the largest traditional market in the country and the world famous Djemaa el Fna, one of the most popular market squares in the entire world! Each night the Djemaa el Fna becomes a lively, exciting feast for the senses with dancers, musicians, and other merrymakers. The fun continues into the day, with delicious delicacies and drinks being served alongside shops of all kinds.

Aside from markets, there really isn’t much to see or do in Marrakech proper. Outside the city, however, is a wealth of beautiful natural scenery and the vast majority of people who come to Marrakech are actually more interested in geological pursuits rather than festivals, though rare is the visitor who doesn’t at least check out the much famed entertainment. At any rate, Morocco is situated on the Atlantic side of Africa just south of Spain and as a result its landscape possesses the diverse beauty that much of the surrounding areas also possess. Since Marrakech is the only nearby city with an airport, the famed Menara International, it is often used as a home base for explorers who want to peruse the gorgeous Ourika River and its surrounding valleys or the amazing Middle Atlas Mountains. The Sahara desert is also nearby although only the most rugged and bold of explorers dare to take on such a behemoth.

Most people, when thinking of Marrakech, would assume that the place is an arid, hot, hellhole. After all, it’s in Africa near the largest desert in the world. The truth, though, is that Marrakech almost never gets higher than ninety-eight degrees even at the hottest time of year and the city is actually surprisingly temperate. Marrakech is conveniently located on the Atlantic at a latitude equal to Florida and Georgia in the United States, so it actually enjoys a relatively steady supply of temperate, enjoyable weather. In addition, the city is infinitely more suited to tourism than nearly every other country in Africa. An advanced motorway, for instance, connects Marrakech to Casablanca, making the trek from either of these remarkably beautiful cities a safe and comfortable experience. There are also several highly dependable bus and train services that complement the world-class Airport wonderfully. While it may be a particularly dangerous time to visit many of the countries in and around the Middle East, Marrakech remains a safe and popular tourist destination where people of all kinds come together to celebrate the beauty of the natural and manmade world together, whether by gazing at natural marvels or dancing in the cool night air with a snake charmer.