September 23, 2023
Park Hyatt New York Presents Latest Rotating Art Exhibition — LODGING

Park Hyatt New York Presents Latest Rotating Art Exhibition — LODGING

rotating art exhibition

NEW YORK—Park Hyatt New York offered friends and locals with its newest rotating art exhibition by present-day summary artist and lodge bellman for 8 decades, Jeffrey Okyere-Agyei.

Marking Okyere-Agyei’s third show at the Park Hyatt New York, the assortment titled “TeRa-NiSeR ToTeMs,” is influenced by the artist’s upbringing in Ghana, where totems had been a massive element of the actual physical symbology he professional, as handed down via the generations. Ghana’s tradition, artifacts, and storytelling honor totems as essential fixtures embedded in their history, and normally have spirits of animals, crops, and many other entities connected with their ancestors.

“I have often been intrigued by historic legendary artifacts and have observed their relevance to the human tale interesting,” reported Okyere-Agyei. “’TeRa-NiSeR ToTeMs’ has turn into my innovative interpretation of one particular factor of our human history—modern art—and its religious symbology as a way to link the earlier to the existing. With the use of resin and lively color pigments, each piece has a exceptional mystical reverence about it to draw in today’s discerning traveler.”

Final fall, the resort presented Okyere-Agyei’s “EDIFICE,” an abstract interpretation of New York City’s cityscapes and skyline. Prior to that in September 2019, Okyere-Agyei exhibited his first Park Hyatt New York exhibit, “Future Artwork for the Existing,” which reflected his adore of motion in mother nature, space, and geometry. “TeRa-NiSeR ToTeMs” will be on screen at Park Hyatt New York’s floor-level Avenue Gallery and in The Living Place by means of the conclusion of December 2022.

“In the spirit of Hyatt’s dedication to caring for many others so they can be their ideal, we’re thrilled to function a further amazing collection from Jeffrey and simultaneously offer friends and locals a new, considered-provoking art working experience,” stated Kimberly Dixon, interim typical supervisor for Park Hyatt New York. “Demonstrating Jeffrey’s dexterity as an artist as properly as the location of New York City as a melting pot for numerous cultures from about the environment, it’s only fitting that his past show targeted on New York Metropolis, and this one visualizes his home nation of Ghana. Just as renowned art is an indelible factor of Park Hyatt New York’s layout and ambiance, Jeffrey is an a must have contributor to the hotel’s excellent services and enriching activities.”