April 14, 2024
Planning the Perfect NYC Girl's Getaway

Planning the Perfect NYC Girl’s Getaway

A New York City girl’s getaway is the ultimate as there’s something everyone will enjoy. Here are our tips for planning the perfect NYC girl’s getaway.

One of my favorite places in the world is New York City. It’s such an exciting, vibrant city that has something for everyone. With so much to do in New York City, there’s no way you could do it all. My favorite time of year to visit is in the fall. The weather is gorgeous this time of year. There’s nothing better than a NYC girl’s getaway. In fact, for the last few years, we’ve made the Big Apple our destination for a fall girl’s getaway. Our recent trip was a fabulous time spent talking and laughing in between sightseeing, shopping, and eating.

NYC girl's getaway, we are surrounded by skyscrapers.

NYC Surrounded by Skyscrapers. Photo by SJ Morgensen

NYC Girl’s Getaway Adventures

Two large airports and many non-stop flights make New York City a convenient destination. We always fly into LaGuardia and grab an Uber into midtown. From then on, it is no driving—the subway, cabs, and ride shares will take you everywhere you need to go. Our favorite place to stay is in midtown Manhattan;  this area is unbeatable for walking and catching the subway. There are many nearby sites, like the New York Public Library, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and all the shops on 5th Avenue. Why stay anywhere else if you’re going to New York City?

NYC girl's getaway and the Manhattan skyline at dusk.

Manhattan Skyline at Dusk. Photo By SJ Morgensen

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NYC Central Park

With 800 acres of wonderland in the heart of the city, you could spend days here in Central Park and still find things to do. One of our favorite places in the park is Strawberry Fields, the 5-acre area within the park that includes a memorial to John Lennon. The Imagine mosaic is a moving tribute near the West 72nd Street entrance. Another favorite stop is Bow Bridge. This often-photographed spot is stunning in the fall. The colorful fall foliage reflecting off the water is spectacular. We spend too much time here snapping away searching for the perfect photo.

A carriage ride in Central Park.

NYC Carriage Ride In Central Park. Photo by SJ Morgensen

Nearby Tavern On The Green was recommended as a special-occasion type restaurant. Although we had no special occasion other than being on vacation, we grabbed a table on the patio for a leisurely brunch. This landmark restaurant was spectacular. 

NYC Girl's Getaway and a lunch at Tavern On The Green.

Lunch Tavern On The Green. Photo by SJ Morgensen.

NYC Street Foods

New Yorkers enjoy street food. So you must try a few low-key delicious places in New York. As good as brunch was, our budget wouldn’t allow this kind of over-the-top spending on every meal, so we dialed it back a bit with less expensive but still iconic choices. We joined fellow New Yorkers one day at noon as we all noshed on Nathan’s Famous hotdogs, chips, and cokes. 

Nathan's Famous hotdogs.

Lunch at Nathans Famous hotdogs. Photo by SJ Morgensen

Another day, we hit the legendary Joe’s Pizza in The Village for a delicious tomato and cheese slice. Of course, we folded it over and ate it on the run like true New Yorkers.

NYC Girl’s Getaway Food Tour

We discovered Greenwich Village is a foodie haven on our incredible Greenwich Village Food Tour. Our tour guide led our group to a half-dozen local establishments during our three-hour tour through The Village, where we sampled all sorts of tasty, authentic food and drink and learned the area’s fascinating history. I can’t wait to try another New York City Food tour next time I’m in town. Food tours are my favorite way to learn about the people and culture of the cities I visit. 

New York City at the Holidays

We always plan our New York City trip for late fall to take advantage of the city’s holiday events without having to be in the city when it’s cold. Although someday, I will visit over Christmastime to take in all the lights and iconic storefront displays up and down 5th Avenue. This time we saw some fabulous Christmas Markets that pop up from late fall through the holidays. The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park were brimming with all sorts of treasures and casual eateries. We shopped all afternoon, then settled into a table overlooking the ice rink and watched the skaters fly by. 

NYC Girl's Getaway and a visit to the holiday markets.

NYC Holiday Markets. Photo by SJ Morgensen

Fabulous NYC Entertainment

We saw the famed Radio City Rockets at the Radio City Music Hall perform their iconic show to carry on with the holiday theme. I highly recommend this fun and festive show. If you’re going to be in the city while they’re performing, it’s well worth your time to enjoy this legendary holiday event. Speaking of shows, we scheduled our trip to coincide with Billy Joel’s concert the last few times we’ve been here. He sells out at The Garden just about every month of the year. One of my absolute favorite entertainers, he puts on quite a show at Madison Square Garden

Radio City Music Hall.

Radio City Music Hall. Photo by SJ Morgensen

Drinks after the show are always a good time, and in New York City, many fabulous rooftop bars offer fantastic vantage points to take in the city views. We enjoyed the rooftop bar at our hotel, the Marriot Pulse Midtown. As a bonus, we also got a perfect view of the nearby Empire State Building. 

NYC Girl's Getaway and drinks with a view.

Drinks In NYC. Photo By SJ Morgensen

Walking The Brooklyn Bridge

We finally checked off a long-awaited bucket list item on this most recent trip, walking the Brooklyn Bridge. However, we didn’t just walk across this iconic landmark and call it a day. We took the advice of many and walked the bridge into the city from Brooklyn rather than out of the city to Brooklyn. We planned the perfect afternoon by walking the bridge over to Brooklyn around 4:00 and grabbing some appetizers and wine at one of the many restaurants on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Then we headed back across the bridge at dusk into Manhattan and watched the city light up. Seeing all the lights click on at sunset was a truly magical adventure and a highlight of our trip.

A lovely walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Lights. Photo by SJ Morgensen

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A New York City girl’s getaway is the ultimate as there’s something everyone will enjoy. Between the incredible history, delicious food, and authentic culture, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your trip to this magnificent city. When planning your next city adventure, whether it’s to New York City, Chicago, The Hamptons, or Buffalo, let Wander with Wonder be your guide.

A New York City girl's getaway is the ultimate as there's something everyone will enjoy. Here are our tips for planning the perfect NYC girl's getaway.


Planning the Perfect NYC Girl’s Getaway