May 21, 2024

Stainless Steel Braided Hoses – The Higher the Flexibility, the Greater the Strength

Hoses or pipes are a flexible hollow tube used to transport liquids or, at times, gases from the source to destination or from one place to another. They have a number of purposes to serve from simple gardening to moving chemicals to the places required.

Withstanding pressure with ease

Based on the intended use, stainless steel braided hoses have distinctive designs. Those meant for simple uses can be only rubber tubing, while a hose used in industry undergoes an additional reinforcement to withstand the extreme pressures the applications demand. The materials resist decomposing after coming into contact with different chemicals. Thus, the factors affecting hose designs may be size, weight, pressure rating, length etc. Especially, pressure is the principal component to decide the extent of braiding of the hose. Unbraided hoses elongate in no time when the pressure applied increases. It is here that the stainless steel braided hose comes into the scene. The external layer of stainless steel wire helps restrain this pressure. In addition, it also makes the assembly pressure attuned.

The working pressure gets higher with multiple braid layers. To absorb the longitudinal forces created out of internal pressure, the braiding connects tightly to the hose fittings. Since the braids are highly flexible, they are capable of accommodating the movements. The second braiding enhances the pressure resistance capacity.

Lighter, Efficient and Affordable

These stainless steel braided hoses are lighter when compared to non-metallic hoses available in the market.They are easier to handle and are resistant to cracks whether in use or in stored state for a fairly longer duration. Since they are transparent, one can detect air lock or blockage with greater ease. As for their prices, metal hoses are cheaper than the rubber ones.

Types and Area of Uses

These metal hoses are of two types based on design and application – strip wound hoses and corrugated ones. Having a high mechanical strength, strip wound hoses are tensile and tear resistant. On the other hand, corrugated hoses are leak proof and can stand high pressure. They are much in demand where there is a need transport hot and cold materials. Their areas of application majorly are:

  • Electrical Industry – They are used to protect cables or light conductors.
  • They are suitable to transport liquid gas.
  • In automobile industry, these metal hoses find their use as exhaust gas hose.
  • In technical building tools, they act as ventilation hose.
  • In measuring and control tools, they are in great demand.
  • Their use is equally effective in aviation industry, reactor technology, alternative energy like solar heat wind etc.

Stainless steel braided hoses are also ripe for agricultural purposes, air and gas lines. In addition, their use in chemical processing, laboratory and research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, refrigeration and cooling systems is also prevalent.