June 16, 2024

The Pattaya Marathon 2009

Being one of the most popular but also hardest marathon courses, the Pattaya Marathon 2009 is definitely not for the light-hearted. It is one of the most famous courses and events in Thailand, even more popular than the Pukkhet Marathon. It is organised every year, attracting thousands of runners from all over Thailand and many other Western countries. There are three races; the full course which is 42 kilometres, the half course, which is twenty one kilometres and the quarter marathon which is ten kilometres.

Pattaya is a large tourist center, known for the amazing beaches, the bustling night life and the beautiful women. Lately, Thai officials and Associations have decided to broaden the appeal of the seaside resort, organising a series of events and activities that can attract more locals and international visitors. The idea is to promote a different side of Pattaya, enhancing its social profile. It is known all over in Thailand that Pattaya has always been an example to follow; it is a place that effuses enjoyment and pleasure. Its residents are always happy and enthusiastic about organizing different social events, thus, sport activities could not be left behind.

Pattaya Marathon 2009, which will take place on July 19th, is definitely one of the toughest courses one can find. It runs through hills and follows the picturesque beach road which adds to the appeal and the enjoyment of the event. Locals are avid sport activists and prepare for this event religiously, but the marathon in Pattaya is a challenge for the foreigners and visitors. It is surprising how many tourists participate in this event every year – last year it is estimated that the 40% of the runners were foreigners or visitors from other cities and regions of Thailand.

Pattaya Marathon 2009 invites people from all over the world to participate. The several events organised during the marathon course, give a notion of gayness and fun, encouraging people to join the several different courses, even if they are not sport enthusiasts. The participation into something so unique is a prize on its own. Not all individuals can handle the tough route with the numerous hills and the steep inclines, however the quarter course is considered to be relatively easier and more comfortable and runs through the scenic Beach road.

The route of the Pattaya Marathon 2009 will wind from Jomtien to a half way spot and will return back to the lovely beach road through the Pattaya hills – this is supposed to be the hardest part of the full marathon course. Very conveniently the Marathon will finish on the Beach Road, offering spectacular views both to the participants and their supporters.

The winners, first to fifth, of the Pattaya Marathon 2009 will receive a trophy and honorary memorabilia and medals , while the participants who will break the local marathon record will also receive a money prize (of 100000 Thai baht). Everyone who participates to the one of the Marathon courses and finish within six hours will receive a certificate.