June 18, 2024

The Star Attraction Of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor is well known amongst tourists for its breathtaking panoramic view of the night sky enchanting view of the Hong Kong Island skyline, where endless silhouette of the sky scrapers collide with the mountainous ridges behind them. Among the best places to view the Harbor is at the Victoria Tower on the Victoria Peak, from the piazza at the Culture Centre or the promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. Rides on the Star Ferry to view Victoria Harbor are also widely popular.

As the natural epicenter of the territory, the harbor usually plays host to many major public shows, including the annual fireworks displays on the 2nd night of the Lunar New Year. These shows are popular with tourists and locals alike, and the show is usually telecast on local television. To add to the popularity of the harbor as a sightseeing location, the Hong Kong government has introduced a show dubbed A Symphony of Lights, using use audio, lights and pyrotechnics to introduce the city to its viewers every evening.

Victoria Harbor holds a bit of value for history buffs the Harbor was the starting point of the famed “Arrow War”. In 1855, a fleet of Taiping war boats was on the verge of a naval battle against Chinese imperial war boats defending the harbor. The Chinese were ordered away by the British colonial authorities. These incidents caused rising tension that would eventually lead to the Arrow War. The harbor was later renamed as “Victoria Harbor,” from its original name of Hong Kong Harbor to ensure the safety of the British Naval Fleet under Queen Victoria.