June 25, 2024

Travel Agency Marketing – Few Marketing Strategies For a Travel Agency

Do you run a travel agency? This article explains about travel agency marketing plans and strategies.

a. Marketing Objectives: Have a marketing objective plan before you proceed with your marketing plans. The plan could be like this.

1. Achieve an annual growth rate of at least 15%.

2. Have strategic alliances with health clubs, local athletic organizations, and retailers.

3. Become the market leader of adventure travel in the California area in 3 years.

4. Generate sales of approximately $500,000 in year one and increase sales 10% annually.

5. Maintain a gross profit margin of 20%.

b. Marketing strategies: In order to achieve the above goal, your strategies should be this way. Target marketing: Develop plans targeting couples and individuals aged 25-35, married, with household income greater than $60,000. Secure corporate accounts by targeting local businesses.

c. Brand Recognition: Develop brand recognition by using print and electronic advertising campaigns and local radio shows. Use alliances to conduct promotions and giveaways. Utilize the networking benefits by participating in trade shows, and publications.

d. Services: Offer services like assistance with passports. Increase the assurance and satisfaction of the customer. Conduct 10k race, 5k fun run race, and a mountain-bike race. Giveaway prizes to the winners. You will also get media attention this way.

e. Online marketing: Create a website and let people know the availability of the vehicles. Let them book online. List different promotional plans in your site. Start a blog and start writing about your achievements and goals. Let people feel special about your service. Hire an SEO expert and tell him to optimize your site for low competition, location based keywords.