November 28, 2022

Turkey is a beautiful and friendly place to visit!!

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Have you ever visited Turkey? Do you know how this place is? Turkey is a place with friendly and beautiful colors and a mysterious world. It is such a place that attracts amazing sounds and smells. If you are planning to visit Turkey then this will be such a tour which is never forgettable. It is such a place which is surrounded by a reflection of human history and planet earth. This place will give you glory and you will enjoy the adventure trip here. In this article, we will be discussing the timeline of Turkish history.

 History of the timeline

Talking about the timeline of Turkish History we can follow some points.

  • Paleolithic age is such an age where people follow the Stone Age. It was actually between 60,000 to 10,000 B.C.
  • Next, comes the Neolithic age, this is the late Stone Age. It was around 8500 to 5000 BC. 
  • The copper age which is known as the chalcolithic age was around 5000 to 3000 BC.
  • Bronze Age was between 3000 to 2000 BC.

Hellenistic age of the turkey

Talking about this age it is the age which was being influenced by Greek. Not only from Greek was it spread in entire Central Asia including the subcontinent of India. During this age, there was a huge revolution found in the area of art, music, science, architecture, literature, etc. Some of the historians also believed that this age was there Endpoint or static period of disorganization. This age was actually at the time of 146 BC. At last, the Roman Empire continued to conquer and grow this Hellenistic period. Except this Roman Empire was the last one to be dragged with the help of Romans.

We can easily visit the place Turkey End enjoy your trip. Turkey is such a place where you can visit if you have that potential and capability or capacity to visit there. The timeline of Turkish history as mentioned above is quite an innovative and learning phase. Do get the best quality of an innovative style of visiting and make your day special. With the help of this journey, you can remember it for your lifetime. This place will give you peace and a greenery Environment. You can easily visit various parks over here and enjoy the trip. The most famous and important what about Turkey is that you can drag every moment of this place because all the places present over here are really beautiful?