June 18, 2024

A Brief Guide To Inkerlaken

Situated between two Alpine lakes, this small city of Switzerland is known not just as Switzerland’s oldest tourist spot, but it is also popular for the widest choice of Swiss Army Knives, Swiss branded watches, Swiss chocolates of various brands and different kinds of items known for its Swiss origin.

History Of Interlaken
If not for the monastery built by the Augustinians in 1130, Interlaken would not be of any importance during those days. The plains located between the two rivers, Thun and Brienz, was then developed. It was protected by the city of Bern that it attracted so many travelers to establish trade. When the Reformation age entered the city in the 16th century, the monastery was converted to the provincial governor’s seat. It used to be named Aarmuhle, the name called for the monastery’s mill. But since people commonly called it Interlaken, the name Aarmuhle was changed officially to Interlaken in 1891.

Things To Do In Interlaken
For the many adventurous travelers, Interlaken is the best place to be. From biking, to paragliding, to visiting canyons, to hang gliding, all these can be enjoyed in this popular tourist destination of Switzerland. With Paragliding Interlaken, you can virtually explore the landscape of the city while paragliding through your eyes. There are many organizations offering paragliding opportunities, all you need to do is find the one near your hotel.

For those who want to see the scenic landscape while riding a bike, there is Flying Wheels Electric Bike Tours for the young and old. It is a guided bike tour using a small silent battery powered bike that is both fun and fantastic. At Alpin Center Interlaken, those who want to have a crazy water adventure can try river rafting. You can also roll down a hill strapped inside a clear plastic and zorb your way for fun. For those wanting extreme sports, you can do canyoning, a combination of cliff jumping, rappelling and rafting, at Alpin Raft.

There is also Hang Gliding Interlaken which must be the best adventure you can do in the city. But for those not into any form of adrenaline rush, there is Harder Klum for mountain hike, with an observation deck at the top of the mountain where you can see all of Interlaken. If you want to take the scenic route, the Funicular Railway, or the Cog-Wheel Railway, goes up to the Harder Kulm Mountain where spectacular sights and a magnificent restaurant awaits. And for some fun shopping, visit the Mad Cow located half a mile away from the center of the city.