June 18, 2024

A Selection Of Top Class Jamaica Tours

The paradise island of Jamaica is extremely popular among the community of international travellers. Some people choose to spend time on the beautiful white sand beaches, while others frequent the trendy bars. However, one of the best ways of experiencing authentic Jamaica is by taking an organised guided tour. This article provides a few alternatives for anybody planning on staying at a Jamaica luxury hotel.

Winter Fresh Fishing

The art of catching fresh, tasty fish has been passed down through the local generations. There are still a large number of keen anglers who regularly set off from the island on their boats. A man by the name of Duke even invites tourists to come along with him on a fresh fishing tour of the Negril coast. This is an opportunity not to be missed by anybody spending a few days at Jamaica luxury hotel.

Kingston City Explorer

The guides on this fantastic tour will let you in on intriguing stories about the people and events that shaped the country’s capital city. They’ll take you along for a look at impressive local galleries and even a music studio, graced by a range of reggae singers and steel band players in recent times. You’ll sleep well at your Jamaica luxury hotel after an action packed day of discovery.

Canopy Tour

If you have a craving for some excitement then this is the ideal tour. It starts off with a casual stroll across the Great River, from where a variety of plant and animal species can be seen. Before long you’ll be strapping in for an exhilarating zipline journey across the plantations. Zooming along at speeds in excess of 30mph, you can be forgiven for letting out the odd excited scream. Then it’s back to your Jamaica luxury hotel for a relaxing meal and chat about your fabulous forest experience.

Falmouth Highlight and Shopping Tour

History buffs are bound to be excited by the prospect of visiting a grand 18th century court house as part of this tour. After learning all about the fabulous old residence it’ll be time for a spot of retail therapy at the local shopping centre. Finally it’s on to an awe inspiring river called the Martha Brae. If you stay here for a while you’ll be sure of seeing some wonderfully coloured water birds.

ATV Off Road Adventure

You can take in this island at whatever speed seems appropriate during an off road tour. However, it’s probably best to drive at a casual pace, in order to truly appreciate the picturesque religious monuments and various natural habitats. You can look forward to seeing the envious expressions on your friend’s faces when you tell of the fun that you had on an ATV!