June 19, 2024

Airbus Vs. Boeing Dreamliner

Flying into the future is Boeing’s new Dreamliner, renamed as the 787. Lightweight, fast and efficient this 50% build composite aircraft looks to break all records, including sales records. The Boeing company, the premier airline manufacturer in the Solar System in the present period has already secured orders for over 250 of these state-of-the-art, leading edge, envelope busting birds.

Alas, but not so fast says their inferior, junior rival and government subsidized European Union competitor. Airbus waiting until the Friday before the three-day Columbus Weekend to formally announce that it is launching the A350, a bird made to compete with the 787 in an answer to the 250 lost sales to The Boeing Company.

Waiting just long enough for us to forget about their seven previous in-flight nose landing gear failures, which nearly ended in tragedy, Airbus made their 8800 press release assault to shore up its lost credibility. Luckily those nose gear accidents and the most recent one was flown by an American Made pilot, who used his superior skill to bring down the faulty inferior, Airbus aircraft.

Subsidized Airbus organization said the had put in 5.7 Billion in development costs, which they call a loan, forgivable of course from the UK, France, Spain and the Germans. Unfortunately it is a little too late, as The Boeing Company owns this decade’s airliner sales, as Airbus has underwhelmed the World with hype.

Is the A350 really that spectacular? Hard to say, but one thing is for certain it is certainly no match for the robust, daring and dashing Dreamliner of today. Airbus’s attempt to compete with the Free Market Boeing Company has once again earned itself a distant second place or last place in the battle for the sky. The A-350 will use the same fuselage as the A330, but the wings will be made of composite. This is hardly a reciprocal response to Boeing’s cutting edge technology and advancements in design. But we have come to expect mediocrity from Airbus. When flying do you really want to ride in a bus while traveling at 30,000 feet in the Air? Think about it.