July 13, 2024

Best Places to Visit in Norway for Christmas

Spend Christmas in Tromso - the Most Nordic-Like City in Norway - Places To  See In Your Lifetime

Go on vacation in Norway and see the wonders of the Nordic region. Norway has many tourist attractions sites

Tourism in Norway has increased significantly over the years. If you will be visiting Norway, Norwegian gift ideas are a must-know for you. You can get all gift items in the country even if you want to buy an iPhone in Norway

An average Norwegian can communicate in English, which makes visiting Norway easier. Epic roads connect stunning, rugged locations, making Norway one of the top driving destinations on the planet.

In this article, you will find out the best places to visit in Norway for Christmas.

Best Seven Places to Visit in Norway for Christmas

The Lofoten Islands 

The Lofoten Islands is good for hiking, climbing and skiing as it is a mountainous island. The mountains are above water level at 68 degrees North. You may also see white beaches and crystal-clear waters similar to those in the Caribbean here. 

In the summer, the sun barely touches the horizon at midnight, casting golden rays over the North shore before rising again in the early morning.

Visitors can experience the other extreme during the winter, when brief, frigid days are accompanied with the Northern Lights blazing overhead as the globe circles close to midnight. The snow-capped mountains tower over the one road that leads to the farthest tip of the islands. While the white countryside is tinted pink by the cotton candy clouds above. It’s a good site to visit during Christmas.


Oslo is a very glamorous sight to behold during Christmas. The city has Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating, and a giant Ferris wheel at the top end of Karl Johan’s gate. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

During the first two weekends of December, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History on Bygdy hosts the most distinctive Christmas fair. Visit Norway to experience Christmas traditions from different eras, explore the market booths, and you can take part in classes for making holiday decorations. 


The famed Northern Lights, a stunning natural phenomenon that only appears in Norway during the winter, may be seen in huge numbers at Tromsø. If you’re visiting Norway, make sure to reserve some time in your plans to see the Tromsø Northern Lights


The largest stave church in Norway, Heddal stave church, is located in Notodden. Every year on Christmas Eve in the winter, there is a liturgy celebrating what the Norwegians refer to as Juletid. The service is really elegant, with lavish décor and great choir singing. Make time to attend a Christmas service in one of Norway’s churches, even if you are not religious, as they showcase the stunning Norwegian cultural history.


Christmas in Norway is incomplete without the cold and the snow. At Alta, you will get both in abundance. 

At Sorrisniva Hotel, Alta you get a one-of-a-kind experience of staying in a hotel made entirely of ice walls, beds, furniture, etc. Experience Alta in Norway during Christmas, you’ll love it.


Every year during the Christmas season in the town of Finnmark, there’s a dog sledding festival called the Finnmarksløpet, which is Europe’s longest dog sled race.

It is entertaining to watch. To have first-hand experience, you can even hire a dog to take you around on a sled. Be careful if you haven’t ridden a dog before. 


Another location in Norway where you may experience the best small-town Christmas is Lillehammer.

Like every other town, they offer a Christmas market, but unlike other cities, they also host a variety of intriguing events, such as cookie-baking classes, gingerbread-building classes, and classes for designing holiday cards.

These sites are some of the best tourist sites where you can experience a perfect Christmas in Norway. Explore Norway by visiting any of them.