June 16, 2024

Enjoy The Tulum Ruins While Staying At A Beachfront Cabana Rental

Celebrities and discerning mature vacationers have long known about the beauty, and private resort community in Tulum Mexico. Many also love to tour the Tulum ruins that are just a five-minute drive from the beachfront of Tankah Bay. Although it has been several hundred years since the Mayans built this city, it still reveals how they worked, played, worshipped, and lived in their tropical paradise. There are many people that stay in Cancun, and take a bus tour down to the ruins as a day trip, and these crowds can be totally avoided by getting there when they open for business at eight AM each morning.

There are a few ways to enjoy a tour of the ruins, after buying your tickets for entrance, which is very reasonable by the way, you can either go at it on your own, hire a professional tour guide, or rent an audio guide that consists of pre-recorded walking guide on an MP3 player. It should not take more than a couple of hours to have a thorough, and in depth tour of the ruin, and then you can get back to your cabana for more relaxation on the beach.

Many times, it is best to take two visits of the ruins at Tulum, as you will discover smaller things that you may have missed on the first tour. This visit should be done on your own, as you will already have been educated about the overall society, and architecture. Studying the paintings, will give you more of an understanding about how the Mayans perceived life, and the technology that they used during this period.

There are several Mayan ruins in Mexico, and the Tulum ruins are the third largest, but what makes it different from the others, that it was built by the sea to act as hub for trade ships from other islands, and countries. This was also the reason for their demise, as when the Spanish started coming to Tulum for doing business large groups of settlers started moving into the area, and the disease and pestilence from Spain is what wiped out the Mayan culture over a bout a seventy-year period.