July 13, 2024
Faggeto Lario Tour Guide – How to Reach? Which Places to Visit?

Faggeto Lario Tour Guide – How to Reach? Which Places to Visit?

30 Second Summary

  • It is fairly easy to reach Faggeto Lario from Milan and takes just around 1 hour to do so
  • Numerous hotels and restaurants in Faggeto Lario are designed to offer a magnificent view of the Lake
  • Churches of San Miro and Maria Addolorata, as well as Como Cathedral, are some of the must-visit religious sites
  • Indulging in water sports and activities is a great way to revel in the beautiful lake view
  • There are some amazing resorts with luxuries like a swimming pool, free wifi, private parking, and more for you to enjoy a memorable stay
Fagetto lario | people chilling around lake como
Fagetto lario | people chilling around lake como | Source: Tripadvisor

Faggeto Lario – A Budding Tourist Destination

The town of Faggeto Lario is situated on lake Como between Como and Bellagio, and comprises as many as four villages: Riva di Faggeto, Molina, Lemna, and Palanzo.

Sparingly populated with only 1,100 residents, this commune is being noticed by many tourists, not only for the astounding lake views and its favorable location at the beach, but also for the sheer variety of unique stays it offers!

The town is home to some boulder-tombs which speak of the illustrious Roman presence in and around Lake Como.

How to Reach Faggeto Lario?

Click here for directions to Faggeto Lario from Como Province

While there is no direct connection from Milan to Fagetto Lario, you can start by taking a train from Milano Centrale to Como S.Giovanni, after which you can walk to the Como San Giovanni Stazione FS and then take a bus to Faggeto Lario from there.

In case you wish to travel more conveniently, you can simply hire a vehicle from Milan and reach Faggeto Lario. The driving distance between the two destinations is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Which Places to Visit in Faggeto Lario?

As amazing as this small village is, you shouldn’t be surprised with the sheer variety of remarkable places it has to offer. Some of the must-visit attractions in and around Faggeto include –

Lago di Como

Italian for Lake Como, Lago di Como has been a destination of choice since the Roman Times. And why not?

After all, it is dotted with numerous artistic and cultural epics, along with picturesque landscapes, illustrious wildlife, and some fantastic spas! The place is also known for its majestic villas including Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa Carlotta, which act as great stays and add to the already memorable experience that Faggeto Lario offers!

Lago di Como

Lido di Faggeto MiamiLaryo

Located on the shore of Lake Como is the Lido di Faggeto – MiamiLaryo – a place that offers anything and everything imaginable. Whether you wish to simply relax or have a drink, whether you want to go for a swim or just revel in the magnificent view of the lake, this wonderful place can help you do it all! And you don’t need us to tell you that the name MiamiLaryo is inspired by the much celebrated American Beach City – Miami!

The Lido is blessed to have a perennial source of water, thanks to the strategically located rocks of the mountains, a small beach, a wharf wooden terrace, cabins, showers, and restrooms, along with parking! All that you can hope for at a toruist friendly spot!

Pro Tip – Reach the Lido di faggeto via the boat provided by the Navigation Services of Lake Como, or simply hire a private boat to get here.

Madonna del Soldo

The Church of  Maria Addolarata, also known as “del Soldo” is the pride of a neighboring town – Palanzo. Just a 15 minute drive from Faggeto, this church was has undergone a recent renovation which has helped shine light on oys flooring, the balustrades, as well as the pictorial decoration on the walls and vaults! Known to be a home to revered saints such as Carlo Borromeo and Bernardino Caimi, the illustrious history of this church is like no other!

Como Cathedral

With the construction of this revered cathedral starting as early as 1396, it takes inspiration from nuemerous schools of architecture, with multiple artists and architects contributing to its beauty. It is said, that the mere facade took over fifty years to be built! Now, doesn’t that sound simply surreal. There are many more interesting facts and anecdotes about this cathedral that you can unravel on your visit there. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

Pro Tip – In a bid to maintain the decorum of the religious center, make sure to dress modestly. Also, do not take pictures without asking for due permissions.

Water Experience Center (WEC)

The Moto d’acqua Sea Doo WEC is one of the must-visit places in Lake Como. Thanks to the 91 square miles surface area, this lake is more than just ideal for Watercrafts and Jet Ski enthusiasts. Adrenaline pumping yet completely safe, you can easily opt for Jet Skiing or Boat Rentals or both!

While Jet Skis (90 and 130HP SEA-DOO Gti SE) are ideal for a single person, the SEA-DOO Watercraft for rent are approved for three people. If you are travelling in a larger group you can go for the 5.7 metre long boast that are designed to comfortably accommodate up to 5 people.

The watercarfts can be availed for 105 € for 30 minutes, while the charges for the boat are 80,00 €/hr onwards.

Pro Tip – The WEC offers a selection of drinks and wines to take away on the boat. You can also place your order for takeaway dishes that are delivered directly to the boat. Beach towels and car parking are available at extra charges of 5€/cad and 10€ respectively.

Chiesa Santa Margherita

When in Faggeto, make sure to visit this majestic parish church of the fraction Molina – Chiesa Santa Margherita. Originally hailing from the Romanesque period, this cemetrial church underwent numerous renovations, all which contribute to its current appearance.

Giant Wine Press

This ancient wine press was established back in the 17th century in the Village Palanzo. Made from the trunk of a single chestnut tree, this press situated in the hills, is 12 metres in length and boasts a circumference of 3 metres. All of these outstanding features, are what contributed to making this wine press a national monument.

Funicular Railway

In existence since the year 1984, the Funicular Railway even now proves to be the quickest way of travelling between the two train stations of importance – Lake Como and Brunate. What makes the rail significant is the fact that it offers some incredibly stunning panoramic views of the rural regions of Como. Yet another remarkable feature of this railway is the canon that makes a daily salute at noon. This cannon is said to have been installed in the year 1912, more than 90 years ago. Tre tain which initially ram on steam, was later converted to electric, and is now run by ATM that too in accordance with all the safety and environmental regulations!

Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio

Located in the Palazzo Lucini, this archaeological museum was established back im the year 1987. Some of the most notewrithy sections of the museum include – Primeval History Section, Roman Section, Medival Section, the Library and the Collectors Section. An ideal place of interest for history enthusiasts, the entry to the museum is 4 Euros for adults.

Pro Tip – The museum offers free admission for all, on the first Sunday of the month.

Piazza Cavour

The awe-inspiring square of Piazza Cavour is home to the ‘Weaver’, a monument designed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Rome being the capital. Some of the other structures of prominence around Piazza Cavour include the Teatro Adriano and Chiesa Valdese, exuding a mix Romanesque-German and Byzantine-nouveau architecture.

Where to Stay in Fagetto Lario?

When it comes to enjoying a fulfilling stay in Faggeto, we believe Villa Lario can be a great pick, especially because of the stunning infinity swimming pool that it is home to as well as the lake views that its rooms and restaurant offers. Some of the other remarkable hotels with pools and other luxuriant amenities include –

  • Best Western Hotel Cavalieri Della Corona
  • Villa Porro Pirelli
  • Hotel De La Paix

What Tourists Had to Say About Faggeto Lario

Angelrosas (Sydney, Australia)

The atmosphere was simply great for one to wind down and end the day. Witnessing the sunset and having a few drinks with a perfect view was the highlight for us. The prices were very affordable and the bar even had happy hour. Pity we didn’t visit the place on a weekend, or at least when it was beaming with energy.

Malila B (Phuket)

Visited Lido di Faggeto on the way from Lake Como to Bellagio for a quick snack, and found it lovely. The location, right on the lake seemed so ideal, especially with the view bridled with Autumn colors.

Joan (Sedgefield, South Africa)

Great sunsets and summer evenings! What a delight, sipping a drink either at the local bar or on your own balcony, watching the sunset. Long evenings, mild weather in late spring or early summer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faggeto Lario

What are some of the places to eat in Faggeto Lario?

Whether you are looking forward to enjoying a hearty breakfast or a filling meal in Faggeto, we have got you covered. Here are some of the most promising restaurants with great reviews in the commune –

  • Agriturismo Alpe Di Lemna – Offers Italian and Lombard Cuisine
  • Tipi Tipici – Known for its Italian Cuisine and Pizzas
  • Da Luciano Bottega e Caffe Hostaria Antica Molina – Offers Italian and Lombard Cuisine
  • Millesimo Enoteca-Winebar-Cafe’ – Known for its Italian and Medditarenean cuisine
  • Trattoria del Porto – – Offers Italian and Lombard Cuisine
  • Il Filo d’Olio
  • Una Finestra sul Lago
  • Osteria 20 – – Known for its Italian and Medditarenean cuisine
  • Ristorante La Baia di Moltrasio – Known for its seafood

What apartments in Faggeto Lario have a nice lake view?

The Appartamento “Bella vista” sul Lago di Como, Riva di Faggeto Lario, and Hotel Ristorante Vapore have received great reviews from guests in Faggeto Lario about the astounding lake view from these apartments.

How far is Faggeto Lario from Milan?

The lakeside town of Faggeto Lario is located at a short distance of 60 km from Milan, the capital of Lombardy. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the town is flooded with restaurants that serve the best of delicaices from the Lombard cuisine.

Yes, the Essentia Guest House is known for the its great location, its restaurant and its amenities-laden accommodation which includes – a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with hot tub and free toiletries, along with a continental breakfast, complete with a free shuttle to the closest public parking.

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