June 18, 2024

Marrakesh Guide – Your Guide to Enjoying Your Marrakesh Experience

Travelling to Marrakesh could be considered as one of the ultimate experiences in adventure travel. Before you embark on your Moroccan adventure, it’s best that you should do a little research to guide you through and make sure that your trip would be a memorable one. Allow me to be your Marrakesh guide.

It’s a very amazing city and let me tell you that there are a lot of things that you wouldn’t find anywhere in the world but in Marrakesh. Marrakech or Marrakesh is a very important city in Morocco. It used to be an imperial city and has been nicknamed the “Red City”.

I have a lot of stories to share with you and I’d be more than happy to be your personal Marrakesh guide. The people here are generally friendly and you would have your share of snake charmers, mint tea and, your Moroccan experience wouldn’t be complete without a shopping experience in the Souks.

For those of you who don’t know, a Souk is a term that refers to a market or a commercial quarter in an Arab city. It’s a shopping experience like no other. There are a lot of items for sale such as silk scarves, hand woven shawls, brass lamps, gold and silverware, rugs, and smooth tadelakt bowls of different intense hues of sky blues, ox blood reds, jet blacks and even purple!

To start your Moroccan experience, you must first find a place to stay. There is a variety of Marrakesh accommodation that would be perfect for you. There are 5-star and luxury hotels all over the place as well as Riads or boutique hotels. You could choose to stay in a traditional Riad in Medina for a reclusive experience or stay in a Riad in the outskirts of Marrakesh.

The Mandarin Oriental, Palais Mehdi, Hivernage Hotel and Spa are also very good choices of Riads for your accommodations as well as the La Mamounia, Dar Jacout, and Maison MK. There’s also the Riad Kniza in Marrrakech, Villa Dar Zina and Dar Darma in the heart of the Medina. You’d be pleased at what each of these hotels has to offer.

Aside from accommodations, let me tell you something an experienced Marrakesh guide would recommend; where to hang out. I’m sure you’d love Nikki Beach! The place is a charming oasis that offers a relaxed and sophisticated ambiance. It’s a place in the “Red City” that is ideal for spending quality time under the sun with the scent of exotic perfumes while being surrounded by the beautiful palm trees.

Nikki Beach and Pacha would be my top choices when it comes to enjoying the Moroccan nightlife. As your Marrakesh guide, I could personally give you several reasons for this. One is the ambiance, second is the nightlife and the cool party atmosphere set by the music of their resident DJ and most important of all is the food. To complete this Marrakesh guide, the information I’m giving would be insufficient without talking about food. That’s something an excellent Marrakesh guide should have information on. The local cuisine is just amazing! The Dar Moha and the Al Baraka Restaurant boasts of a variety of Moroccan specialties that would surely satisfy your gastronomic delight.

As your self-proclaimed guide, I could go on and on and tell you about the things that you should experience while visiting this beautiful place. It’s just too bad that I’m running out of space but I promise to tell you more on my next article. I’m certainly pleased to be your Marrakesh guide to enjoying your Moroccan experience and I hope you find all these information helpful.