April 14, 2024

Qingdao Travel Attractions You Should See

Things to do in Qingdao, Qingdao Touirst Attractions

Qingdao, China’s “Green Island,” boasts an array of travel attractions. These include global historical events, stunning natural landscapes, unique cultural customs and festivals held annually.

For the ideal beach holiday in this city, plan your visit during the spring and early summer months when the beaches are least crowded. You can easily fly into Qingdao with Cathay Pacific so why not visit these?

Zhanqiao Pier

If you’re searching for an unforgettable view of Qingdao, Zhanqiao Pier should not be missed. This 440-meter long wharf extends into the sea and you can admire a stunning panorama of the crescent-shaped skyline from its octagonal observation pavilion.

Established as a military pier in 1891, Zhanqiao has become a beloved destination for both locals and visitors alike. At its southern end is the Wave Stopping Pavilion (Huilange), an eye-catching two-story structure featuring the logo of an iconic beer brand that’s often bustling with vendors selling souvenirs or ice cream treats.

Zhanqiao Pier, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Qingdao, is one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. You’ll be able to appreciate its architectural features as you stroll along its promenade; its granite columns and carved beams stand out against the surrounding buildings.

The pier is home to a stunning sandy beach that attracts both tourists and locals alike. With its immaculate sand and crystal clear water, this is an ideal location for swimming or simply lazing in the sun.

Visitors to the pier’s tip can hike up for stunning views of both the city and bay. On the west side of the pier, a large dam helps keep waves from crashing into it; this feature is especially stunning during autumn when huge waves roar across its crest.

This stunning resort is a must-see for travelers from around the globe, particularly those who appreciate both scenic coastal and mountain vistas. The city offers numerous beaches and parks as well as Laoshan Scenic Area – an absolute must-visit!

Qingdao offers an array of hotels to suit any budget or need. Downtown near May Fourth Square and along the coastline to Zhanqiao Pier is highly recommended as a location to stay, as it provides convenient transportation, close proximity to the beach, as well as luxurious, comfortable, and budget-friendly options.

Another popular destination is Little Qingdao, a picturesque peninsula that protrudes out into the bay. Surrounded by thick trees and offering plenty of coastal paths for exploration, this spit of land also houses the Naval Museum – making it an ideal picnic spot for travelers and maritime enthusiasts alike.

May Fourth Square

Qingdao’s iconic May Fourth Square (Wu Si Yan Chang wusi guangchang) bears its name in commemoration of the May 4th Movement, a nationwide protest sparked by Article 156 of the Treaty of Versailles which transferred German concessions in Shandong province to Japan instead of returning sovereignty to China.

The square, featuring both local Qingdao features and modern design, is easily recognizable by the large “Wind of May” sculpture that symbolizes the city’s new modernist architecture. There are also multiple fountains scattered around the square which serve to encourage kite flying both day and night.

Visitors to May Fourth Square have several hotels to choose from, including Shangri-La Hotel across the road on Xianggang Zhong Lu. Their restaurant Cafe Yum offers one of Qingdao’s finest buffets at lunch and dinner time; perfect for those wanting to sample some traditional cuisine or for something more upmarket, Da Vinci Italian Restaurant within the hotel offers an upmarket experience as well.

To reach the square, take the bus to Wusi Plaza on Xianggang Zhong Lu and then walk north along a boardwalk. This relatively short trek offers views of both cityscape and its bustling trees. It’s an enjoyable stroll and you’ll soon arrive at the seafront marina with luxury yachts and smaller craft on display.

Restaurants on the square offer delicious international food at reasonable prices, and you can choose from an extensive menu. In the evenings, taking a stroll around the square becomes even more enjoyable with its lights and fountains adding to its beauty.

In addition to the square itself, there are plenty of other attractions nearby. A visit to the Qingdao Naval Museum provides an insightful look into Chinese naval history with exhibits showcasing naval technology and equipment from its inception until today, featuring three main exhibition areas covering military uniform and gift halls, weapons and equipment galleries as well as ship and naval warfare history galleries.

Xiaoyushan Park

At the summit of Little Fish Hill in Huiquan Bay, Xiaoyushan Park provides an idyllic vantage point to take in the picturesque sea view. This classical garden-style park has become a landmark of Qingdao and boasts breathtaking views of both the city and Laoshan Mountain – one of the best mountain viewing spots in town.

This classical park is a top travel destination in Qingdao, drawing tourists from around the globe. It is part of the Qingdao seaside scenic area and was designated as a national 4A scenic spot in 2003.

At Xiaoyushan Park, you can take in an unforgettable panorama of Shanghai including Zhanqiao Pier, Small Qingdao Island and other popular scenic spots. It’s the perfect spot for relaxing and spending quality time with family or friends while taking in stunning landscapes.

Another popular spot is the stunning Shi Lao Ren golf course situated on a peninsula jutting into the ocean. From all 18 holes you have stunning sea views, fairways as soft as carpet and an excellent driving range to enjoy.

Golfers and families looking for a peaceful beach experience will find this idyllic area to be an ideal getaway. Nature-lovers will also appreciate its many caves, peaks and waterfalls while taking a walk.

Visitors to Xiaoyushan Park can also explore Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park and take a tour of its aquarium. Here, staff members dive into different tanks where you’ll get up close and personal with various marine creatures.

Qingdao not only boasts Xiaoyushan Park, but it also has other amazing tourist spots worth visiting. One such gem is Zhongshan Park – a large green oasis situated right in the city center which has become a favorite spot of locals.

Other popular Qingdao travel attractions include Zhanqiao Bridge, May Fourth Square and the 2018 Olympic Sailing Center. All these must-see spots will add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure when in Qingdao.

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park is one of the top Qingdao attractions. This vast and picturesque area attracts tourists from around the world with numerous attractions such as a Buddhist temple, botanical garden and stunning zoo.

Taiping Mountain and the sea can be enjoyed from this park, offering breathtaking views. It provides a haven of peace with lush grass, towering ancient trees, natural splendor and celebrity statues adorning its perimeters.

Boat cruises on the artificial lake offer breathtaking views on both sides. Why not have a picnic here and savor the serenity of the environment?

While visiting this park, don’t miss the iconic 600-meter long Cherry Blossom Road. Lined with over 20,000 cherry trees grown from Japanese species, this road truly shines during spring.

Qingdao’s most beloved tourist spot for viewing cherry blossoms is Yuhuan Garden, where trees bloom each spring from mid-April until May and create an absolutely breathtaking sight.

In addition, there are plenty of other attractions for you to discover in the park such as a pond, lake, small train and carousel. It’s an ideal location to have some fun with family and kids alike!

The park also hosts a range of events throughout the year, such as an orchid fair, music festival and flower show. These must-visits for visitors are held throughout the park for added enjoyment.

Visitors to the park can take a chair-style cable car trip for an incredible overall view of the city during daytime. Additionally, if you visit during summer months, you’ll get to experience its vibrant nightscape as well.

In addition, there are plenty of stunning spots in the park such as Evergreen Garden, Tanghua Greenhouse and Huifang Garden. This hothouse for cultivating flowers offers tourists a chance to admire various rare blooms up close.