May 18, 2024

Revue Thommen Watches Overview – History of a Prestigious Brand, Its Presidential Watches, and More

One of the most prestigious watch companies is Revue Thommen. Founded in the 1800s, the company has been making timepieces that anyone can appreciate – even world leaders. Many US presidents, starting with Truman, have worn Revue Thommen watches.

The origins of the brand can be traced back to the small German town of Waldenburg. In the 1850s, the town had an economic crisis as many of the citizens began immigrating to North America. In an effort to boost the economy and fight poverty, some of the townspeople introduced watch-making technology to Waldenburg and surrounding areas. In 1959, Gedeon Thommen took over the industry. From that day, the business began to grow. A small town effort turned into a global enterprise.

There have been many collections over the years. Today, Revue Thommen watches are just as prestigious as they ever were. These collections range from aviation timepieces to simple, casual timepieces. Some models are unisex and can be worn by men and women both.

The lifestyle watches are popular in today’s market. One series in particular, the Date Pointer, consists of timepieces that make excellent gifts. They appeal to a variety of tastes. They tend to have leather bracelets in either black or brown.

The stainless steel case goes well with the black or brown leather. The round dial has a light silvery tone. There are Arabic numerals for the even numbers, and elegant markers for the odd numbers. The hands have a dark silvery tone that contrasts well with the dial color.

The Date Pointer is also available in XL. Some of the XL models have stainless steel bands and see-through backs.

The lifestyle collection, in general, symbolizes human endeavor and achievement. While the watches all share the same theme, each individual piece is unique. The Date Pointer and other lifestyle watches are ideal for the businessman or woman who wants to keep track of time in this busy world.

As for the presidents wearing Revue Thommen watches, the Cricket model has always been a popular choice. Its unique in that its sound box makes cricket sounds whenever the alarm goes off. The Cricket alarm has a pleasant sound for a wristwatch. The sound mechanism was achieved by combining an alarm mechanism with an acoustic membrane and sound box.

Today, Revue Thommen watches come in a number of different types. In addition to lifestyle timepieces, the brand also offers aviation, classic, sport, and specialty styles. Presidents, athletes, pilots, entrepreneurs, everyday consumers: this is one brand that makes reliable watches for everybody.