April 21, 2024

What Information is Needed to Apply For Social Security Disability Insurance?

A Simple Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits - The Law Offices of  Martin Taller

 Social Security Disability Insurance can be highly beneficial if you are biologically challenged. Getting this claim can give you access to plenty of benefits from the government. You also get compensation every month from the Social Security Administration for the disability you have got.

But the process for applying for Social Security Disability Insurance is tedious and complex. There is a meager conversation ratio of getting accepted for insurance due to the errors made while applying and the lack of information provided by the applicant. To ensure that you have everything in place and up to mark, it is crucial that you hire an experienced social security disability lawyer.

To make this process easier for you and to aid you in getting prepped for social security disability insurance, we list some essential documents you will need.

  1. Your Personal Information: 

This includes all the basic information about you. The information that must be provided here includes the following:

  1. Your name and social security number.
  2. Your date of birth and place of birth.
  3. Your spouse’s name, social security, and the place and date of marriage. You should mention all this information even if you are divorced.
  4. Your bank account details.
  1. Details about your medical condition:

Here is a description of the medical condition that you are suffering from an accredited medical faculty. The primary information that you have presented here are:

  1. Name, contact information, and residential address of a person that the Social Security Administration can contact that knows about your disability and medical history.
  2. Name, contact information, and hospital address of the doctor that the Social Security Administration can contact that knows about your disability and medical history.
  3. Information from the hospital will also be required, like patient ID number, dates of treatment, kind of treatment, and assigned staff.
  4. The medication you were on, the dosage you are consuming daily, and the details of the person who prescribed it.
  5. Name and the details of the medical tests conducted to diagnose your health, and details about the person that ordered them.
  1. Employment Information:

In this section, you must provide information and details about your work and employer.

  1. The amount of money you earned in the previous year.
  2. Name, contact details, address of company of your employer.
  3. The list of all the jobs you have done in the past 15 years and the salary you earned from them.
  4. Details about the compensation that you were entitled to by your employer.

The list of the documents you need does not end here. The best thing that we suggest you do is to consult an attorney with experience in social security insurance. But this information provided to you above is more than enough to get compensation from the Social Security Administration.