April 14, 2024

What Is The Australian Defence Force Aptitude Test?

Like any other aptitude test, the ADF aptitude test focuses on individual’s psychological aspects. This is to identify the extent of capabilities with regards to the prospect role of the applicant. Of which, a batch of military aptitude test questions and answers should be filled out and answered.

The ADF aptitude test mostly focuses on two processes:

  • General Ability Test
  • Mathematical Ability test

Joining the Australian army has these exams that one must first take. But first, preparation for army test is vital. Weeks of intensive preparation is expected from any individual that is going to apply in ADF.

General Ability Test

The General Ability Test is one of the most important parts of Australian defence force recruitment. It involves basic arithmetic, verbal reasoning, grammar, analogy and abstract reasoning tests.

Arithmetic tests involve addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Verbal reasoning focuses on the ability of a person to communicate while grammar is to measure the language skills. Analogy test is to measure the analysis capability of the person.

Mathematical Ability Test

Unlike the General Ability test which covers only the basic numerical tests, the Mathematical Ability tests tackle more on the advance feature like formulas, calculating geometry, trigonometry, exponential equations and much more.

That is why it is imperative to go through a lot of studying, training, and refresher before taking the actual exams. You will need comprehensive ADF training courses to help you on how to pass an aptitude test.

Since dedication is of vital importance prior the date of the exam, you will need a lot of defence aptitude test practice. You could try the military practice test online but it is best to choose wisely in that regard.

To give you some ideas on what tests you are going to take, you can see some Australian defence force aptitude test examples via Google search. There is aptitude test scores army too from which you can base your preliminary take on how you will do during the exams.

Other Ability Specific Tests

Aside from those two major processes, there are also other branches to which specific ability is determined.

Roles like Pilot, Aviation, Officer and other Specialist occupation has an added or different process to go through in order to be assured of the capability of an individual.

These roles have more intricate requirements such as handling advanced aviation electronic system, calculations on speed, distance, time, and even exact fuel consumption. And thus, it is highly advised that a person should be well prepared for these specific tests.

Expect that the majority of the exams will be conducted through writing. Multiple choice, analysis, summarization, calculations, and logical thinking will most likely take place so again, be well prepared.