April 14, 2024
View from the A Side Window Seat, Delhi Leh Flight

Which Seat to Choose on a Delhi Leh Flight for Best Views

Delhi Leh flight is recognized for its jaw dropping scenic views of the Ladakh Range of mountains if you choose the proper window seat. And the accurate side to opt for is the A facet although heading to Leh and the F aspect although coming back again to Delhi. There I advised you. But you can continue on reading through the publish to learn much more about the sights although flying into Leh from Delhi. And I have been fortunate to do it a number of situations. Also, maintain in thoughts that the clouds can cover the see fully at times and you may possibly see nothing.

Window vs Aisle

This is a basic discussion but the aisle seat is clearly heading to reduce the struggle on a Delhi Leh flight as it provides no views and the full issue of flying to Leh is to be capable to appreciate the beautiful surroundings. That is feasible only from the window seat. I have found people who are unaware about the sights scamper for the vacant window seats at the time the window seat passengers begin likely ooh and aah.

A aspect or F aspect Window Seat

View from the A Side Window Seat, Delhi Leh Flight
See from the A Facet Window Seat, Delhi Leh Flight

While heading the most effective views are on the A facet window seats and though coming back again the best sights are on the F facet of the plane. It is that simple.

Front of the Airplane or Back of the Plane?

A view of the Ladakh range of mountains along with the wing of the Go Air plane
Wing Shot, Delhi Leh Flight from the Back of the Plane

I would always pick out the back again of the plane because I like to include things like the wing of the plane in my photographs and movies. Front of the aircraft would operate also if you like to maintain the wings out of the body. Worst seats would be instantly on the wings simply because then the wings impede the look at and make it complicated to get a first rate image. A single way out of this is to use zoom operate to get out the obstructing wings out of the frame.

Dawn or Sunset Flight


Unfortunately Leh Airport is a small and difficult one. The flights appear in the early morning and all of them leave by late afternoon. So there are no sunset flights in or out of Leh. You have to consider and capture sunrise around the Ladakh Assortment of Mountains when traveling in to Leh. I have been fortunate after, in the thirty day period of Oct to catch the dawn whilst I took the 5.30 am flight from Delhi. The over video is from that sunrise flight.

Summer months Winter or Autumn View

Lading at leh in winter gives a beautiful view of the ladakh range of mountains
The Landing at Leh in Winter season

I have also finished it by means of seasons, in winter season, summertime and autumn. In summer season the snow is considerably less, so we get a great deal of brown in our photo. Flying into Leh in winter is a pleasure. The mountains are white and there are barely any travellers. But my finest views came in autumn as I caught the sunrise more than the mountains!

Flying above Leh is generally lovely. I hope the details offered above will aid you in selecting a fantastic seat and enjoying the wonderful sights.